Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

By Randy Baker


Whether or not it was a conscious choice to be in your current career status, the reality is your heart and mind are ready for something new…something bigger.

Working for somebody else, or learning your way into another job role isn’t where you need to be. You’re going through a huge realization that the knowledge you possess, and the passion you are willing to unleash, needs an outlet.

The reality is, this time is a gift to you. This is what you’re looking for, and this is what you should do. It’s never been a better time to invest in yourself and Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

“I am Not Finished” is your new battle cry. It represents your inner spirit. That undeniable need to take control and pursue your true path in life. For this reason, we have designed a comprehensive program, with varying levels of engagement, to ensure your journey starts on a successful path.

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About Randy Baker

Randy Baker, a 40-year business veteran, brings his hands-on and sometimes folksy approach to disrupting industries, including aerospace and the early Internet, to you. 

From selling fish, to being held for ransom, surviving polio, and rubbing elbows with the giants of industry, he has lived nine lives, and has a story for every situation. His story-centric, dynamic approach has allowed him to change the world in substantive ways. He is now offering to guide you as you transform into an extraordinary entrepreneur. 

“I am not finished!” is his mantra. 

I read this in one sitting on a sunny afternoon, and it changed my life. Randy's seven simple steps to entrepreneurial freedom have given me a new lease on life. In other words, life-changing A.F. Do yourself a favor and read it.
Elysia Herin