Are you really a CEO?

Are you CEO of your own business?

Are you the CEO he wants to be?

Or are you just the solopreneur struggling to grow…

Working too hard…

Doing everything…

Not making enough money?

It’s not your fault…

You probably haven’t been told the secrets of top CEO’s…

So I’m gonna give you a few of them here….

CEO’s have what is called executive presence – that is not a function of how they stand, or how they command a room… it is made up of 6 different factors:-

  1. Emotional Quotient – how they manage their emotions
  2. Communication – how authentic they are
  3. Taking responsibility – not finding blame
  4. Curiosity – always questioning and looking for better ways to achieve the objective
  5. Commitment – staying focused and doing what they say they will do
  6. Coaching – helping others achieve success

CEO’s have learned healthy habits that positively impact:


2. Relationships

3. Health

5. Education

5. Beliefs

 CEO’s have a daily routine which includes exercise, motivation, and quiet “thinking” time.

 CEO’s work “ON” and not “IN’ their business.

 CEO’s think about money differently. It is not earned and not a reward… it is simply a tool.

 CEO’s know their numbers.

 CEO’s create operational plans to execute to meet their objectives.

 CEO’s have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives that they refer to each day.

CEO’s pull the levers that grow the business, not the levers that stifle it.

 CEO’s believe they can achieve what they set out to do.

 If you want to grow your business, even if you are a solopreneur, you must first learn to be an effective CEO.

Simple as that.

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