You’re fired!

Two small words that hit you like a sucker punch to the guts… 

Your bowels tremble, your normally creative mind slows down to a stop, desperately trying to understand what is happening… 

You want to know why… why you? Why is this happening?

Thoughts start to tumble through your brain, each one worse than the one before….

What do I tell my husband/wife?

How will I pay the bills?

What will my friends think?

What do I do now?

If this is you, or you think it could one day be you (remember, everybody hears those words at some stage in their career – unless they work for themselves)….

…then there are a few things you should do immediately upon hearing those words (in whatever form they take)…

  1. Hold your head up high, do not plead or bargain to keep your job…the decision has been made, and it does not matter if it is right or wrong, good or bad. It is done. Your job is to accept the reality, no matter how hard that is.
  2. Do not sign anything. You no longer work there, and are not required to sign anything on the spot. Simply decline to sign and ask to take a copy of any documents with you so that you can review them.
  3. Do not agree to anything, but do take notes of what has been said. As soon as possible write a summary of the meeting, sign and date and keep for your records.
  4. Leave the premises quietly. It is usual for you to not be permitted to say goodbye to your co-workers, and there are logical reasons for this. Simply pack up your belongings, or ask that they be forwarded to you and leave.
  5. Make sure all company owned equipment is returned as soon as possible. Ask for a receipt confirming the return.
  6. As soon as possible, sign up for unemployment benefits to start the clock running for your first check.

There are many other steps that you will need to think about quickly…

What do you say to friends? Colleagues? Family?

How do you manage those self destructive thoughts that enter your head?

Now that you have all the employer related stuff under control, what do you do next?

For a mini-course on how to get back your mojo after being fired, and what to do in what order…sign up for my free email mini-course here:

The end of your job is not the end of your life…it may just be the beginning!

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