Your Inner Entrepreneur needs to be unleashed to the masses.

You’ll need a structured system in place.

I help business owners UNSTICK their business.

I help them increase revenue 2X, 5X or even 10X.

I help their businesses become profitable…

..and help the owner sleep at night.

Bold claims?

You bet they are…

Nobody ever succeeded without boldness and clarity.

This is what I do and I do it damn well.

Why am I confident in making these claims?

  • 40 years of business experience means that I have probably seen it all
  • 30 years as CEO, CFO and COO gives me great skills in operating a business and understanding the financial engine
  • I have built a business from zero to $6.6 billion market value in a few short years
  • I have driven a business to inclusion in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies in America
  • I have turned around a $10mm manufacturing company to record its first ever profit…in just a few months

And there is the book…

#1 Amazon bestseller… Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur was released in 2019 to help people discover their passion and prepare for the joys of entrepreneurship.

And now, I have distilled all my knowledge…all my experience…

Into a proven process, a system…perhaps even a formula…

That has taken small businesses suffering in the shadow of being stuck…

And unsticking them to drive rapid and scalable growth…

Profitable growth…

Reducing the owner’s workload…

Creating the joy once more.

Who do I work with?

I work with businesses with revenue in the $350k to $2 million region.

I work with owners who are ready to step up and make the changes necessary to make their business great…

I work with owners who want to reignite their dreams and make them come alive.

I work with people just like you…

People who understand that if they stay where they are, they will go nowhere else…

People who are ready to get the help they need to truly grow their business, faster and easier than they thought possible.

You see, my formula for your NEW business, will change your life, and the life of your children.

So what do you do now?

Schedule a call with me…and we will work out where your business is at today, where you want it to go, and what needs to be done to get there.

What are you waiting for?

Why I decided to help people find success as entrepreneurs…

I struggled too.

Just like you, I truly wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

But, honestly, it scared me until I had no choice.

You see, I had to go “all in” or I would be stranded 3,000 miles from home with no money, no food and no hope.

I was young and dumb in the summer of ‘74, full of piss and vinegar and armed with my 1965 Holden car and fifty dollars of cash. I drove 3,000 miles north with three friends, and when we arrived in Cairns (Australia) with our money spent, we refused to give our parents the right to say, “I told you so.”

So, we became entrepreneurs instead.

We spent the next several weeks spearfishing off the coast for any kind of fish we could catch, then hocking them in local RV parks to raise gas money for our return journey. We slowly moved down the coast, edging toward home, and succeeding (one fish after another) because we had no other choice.

My alternative journey into the business world had started.

And my inner entrepreneur had awoken.

It would take another twelve years or so before I would listen to it. (A story for another day). During the next thirty or so years, I started several businesses of my own.

I discovered I had skills with start-ups and used those skills as the CFO of several start-ups. I was involved behind-the-scenes at the birth of three brand new industries that didn’t even exist when I was experiencing my first foray into entrepreneurship. I grew one start-up to a $6.6 billion value shortly after its IPO.

I know the struggles entrepreneurs face when starting a business.

I know first-hand the stresses and pressures that knock your confidence and threaten to tear your dream to shreds right in front of your eyes.

I have seen and made the mistakes that beginner entrepreneurs all too often make.

And I know that your inner entrepreneur can be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially once it has decided that you are receptive to its nudges.

Most importantly, I know what success looks and feels like.

I know the thrill of achieving something important, of doing something hard and of being at the bleeding edge of new industries.

And now, as I approach the age most people are thinking about retirement… I am ready to start again!

That entrepreneurial itch just gets stronger… and so I am taking the knowledge born from 40 years of experience and using it to set people up for success as they start their own entrepreneurial journey.

My advice?

Don’t settle for the ordinary.

If you want something extraordinary, go out and get it. Do what you need to do to get there, and don’t shy away from hard work or effort.

Change is difficult but the rewards are amazing…

It’s THE most important thing you should consider before you make your next move.

And that is why I help entrepreneurs today…

I embrace change – I want the extraordinary… and I want others to experience it too.

So now, I help business owners “UNSTICK”

About Randy Baker

Randy Baker, a 40 year business veteran, brings his hands-on and sometimes folksy approach to disrupting industries, including aerospace and the early internet, to you. From selling fish, to being held for ransom, surviving polio, and rubbing elbows with the giants of industry, he has lived nine lives, and has a story for every situation. His story-centric, dynamic approach has allowed him to change the world in substantive ways. He is now offering to guide you as you transform into an extraordinary entrepreneur. “I am not finished!” is his mantra.