Get Unleashed

This is where the rubber meets the road.


If you are the type of person who wants magic to happen in your life, but are not prepared to do the work, the deep soul searching, take the change-making actions or are not ready to make the investment you must make in yourself, then Get Unleashed is probably not what you want. You need it – you just don’t want it. So, if this is you, please don’t waste your time reading any further, and go turn on Netflix and binge watch while your life passes by.

Still here?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward transforming your life. The first step to Get Unleashed. The first step toward leaving your past behind and creating the life of purpose you so deeply need and want.

I want you to do something – right now – right where you are….

I want you to punch the air and say, loudly, and clearly…

“I am not finished!”

I want you to look at everybody staring at you like you are some kind of alien creature – and I want you to smile, and take it all in. Because from this day forward, what other people think of you is not important.

This is the start of your journey. This is where you make the decision to be your own best person. Whatever was the reason for you coming to this page, is now in the past. Acknowledge your circumstance, and accept that the Universe wants to lead you forward.

So, how do you do this?

Like most things that are good, there is a process. Like most things that are difficult, a process makes it easier.

I am about to teach you a process that will simplify your transformation from ordinary person (with lots of baggage that life piles on you) to extraordinary entrepreneur, who enjoys the joy of owning a business that makes a difference; a business that supports your beliefs and passions, a business that has purpose.

On this journey, you will learn :

  • How to manage your finances so that you will never have to worry about bills again
  • How to think about money differently
  • How to create relationships that matter, and discard those that pull you down
  • How to manage your physical and emotional health
  • How to know what further education or knowledge you need to be successful
  • How to marry your passions and beliefs to your business

You will also learn:

  • The perfect product for you
  • The perfect business structure for you
  • The reasons most businesses fail, and how you can avoid that

But most importantly, you will discard the thinking that has held you back from the success you deserve, and replace it with “right” thinking that will see you moving forward in as little as 90 days.

Ready to get started on becoming the best YOU?

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

“I needed this guidebook when I first jumped off the cliff of entrepreneurship. Randy Baker’s approach is honest, BS-free, simple, and 100% transformative. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot; read this book and change your world.” 

– Dr. Kent Gustavson, Award-Winning Author and Entrepreneur

If you don’t want to wait to read the book…

If you are ready to start today…

… If your inner entrepreneur is begging to come out and play…

If you are ready to invest in yourself, and you know that reading a book will not do it for you, I have a solution.

My newest training, Get Unleashed, will walk you through each step of this process, with me as your guide.

I will keep you on track, keep those negative thoughts from derailing you, and together we will create a plan, a simple to execute plan, that will have your successful business up and running in just a few weeks… and some will have revenue before the program ends!

The Get Unleashed program is broken into two channels that work simultaneously to drive success…

  1. The Zero to CEO Program
  2. The Perfect Product Program

These two legs will run simultaneously so that at the end of the 8 – 10 weeks, you may have even started getting revenue in the new business and will be on your way to rapid growth.

Zero to CEO program has 4 distinct modules:-

  1. Creating a great CEO 

– executive presence and leadership (what it is and how to get it)

– Healthy habits (financial, relationships, health, education, passions and beliefs

– Daily habits – the things you need to do each day to remain focused, creative, crazy effective and balanced

– what it means to work ON and not IN your business

– how to leverage other peoples skills to get what you need

– the CEO decision making system

  1. Truth About Money

– this module explores and resets beliefs about money and kills some myths that we have all believed at some time

– we examine the 4 stages of wealth creation

– we create a blueprint to get you to your financial destination both personally and within the business

  1. CEO Style Budgeting

– we understand the importance of LTV and COA and how they are the cornerstone of the budgeting process

– we examine cash and how to use it

– we create business specific KPI’s and numbers you must know

– we prioritize sales and collections

– we look at simple accounting

– we understand expert level business economics

  1. Prepare budgets

– we will build out specific budgets for your business

– we will use a modified bottom-up process that you will learn to use

– we will plan when it is best to grow via outsourcing and employment and what milestones must be hit first

Bonus Module:

Launch your business – using the knowledge gained in the previous modules and the Perfect Product Program…we will create a step by step operations plan so that your business will launch and you will know exactly what to do next.

We will also examine some of the feelings you will experience at this point and develop methods to either avoid them or deal with them constructively.

The “Perfect Product Program” runs simultaneously with the “Zero to CEO Program”.

We will examine where success can be found. We will find the perfect product/service and package it to sell to an ideal customer (whom we will identify in the process.)

We will validate demand, create a launch plan and test market the product before the end of the program.


If you are ready to take the next step and transform your life…if you are truly ready to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur, there are a few spots available in my schedule.

But be warned. Not everybody who applies is accepted. Only those with a burning desire to transform into extraordinary entrepreneurs will get through the screening process and be accepted into the program.

To get the process started, first schedule a call with me.

Once you have selected a time slot, you will be asked to answer a short questionnaire. I will review the answers and determine if you seem ready to start. If I think you are not ready, I will simply cancel the scheduled call. If I think you are ready, I will call you at the time and date scheduled and we will spend about 40 to 45 minutes chatting.

At the end of that call, we will jointly decide if it makes sense to work together or not.

Fair enough?